Marketing Consultancy

Your strategy for success

At Quantum Union, marketing consultancy begins with us gaining a full understanding of your business goals.

We will then create a plan of action that will engage with your existing and potential customers. If required, we can also help you communicate the marketing plan to your staff.

And our consultancy doesn’t stop there. We’ll also ensure that you benefit from the best prices and service from any third party suppliers and manage the implementation of the plan.

Which leaves measurement, something we’re really hot on at Quantum Union. We believe that marketing activity should be measured against clearly defined objectives. This helps us maximise the return on your investment and exceed expectations.

“I have known Karen for a very long time. We have worked together multiple times for many different companies. Karen is a real positive person, and encourages the people who work with her. I would not hesitate to recommend Karen to anyone. She is very able, and gets the job done!”
Phil Morgan, Technical Director, Networking People Company

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Case Study - Financial Services

The Outcome

This targeted, yet far reaching strategy:

  • attracted extensive coverage in specialist magazines.
  • positioned the client as a specialist in its market sector.

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